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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Better than HID?!?

The new NiteRider TriNewt lighting systems have finally arrived! We have been messing around with this new system over here at Marty's of Morristown and we are pretty impressed! Niterider had been advertising this system as the brightest system they have ever made and all we kept saying was "brighter than HID???"

We did a little hands-on comparison here at the store, and found that the TriNewt is brighter! How could an LED system be brigher than the famed HID system? We don't know. All we know is that this thing is bright.

Not only is it bright, but it also has a more adjustable mounting system that works well on your handlebar or your helmet, it is less expensive than most HID systems out there($399), the battery is relatively small and light weight, it burns for 3.5 hours on the brightest setting, it charges quickly, the casing on the headlamp and the battery seem really sturdy, and its super cool looking! Wow, that's a lot of good stuff.

The only downside we have discovered thus far is that the headlamp weighs slightly more than an HID headlamp. It's not a large difference, but it is noticeable. This shouldn't be too much of a problem since the new helmet mount positions the lamp closer to the center of the helmet instead of it sticking out the front, so the helmet is not pulled forward.

Check out this link for purchasing info: http://martysreliable.com/itemdetails.cfm?catalogId=39&id=6630 or, come in and check it out!


Reinout said...

How well did the LED cast the light compared to the HID? Where is it brighter *closer/farther*??

I'll stop by and check them OUT anyway

Geoff Lenat said...

Yes. The LED was brighter. Closer/farther... where ever!