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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If the Super Bowl Wasn't Exciting Enough...Mud Bowl 2008

Last week, someone asked me if I was going to ride over the weekend, and hadn't given it much thought. I just sort of assumed that it would be cold and crappy. But after some consideration, I gave weather.com a look see, and lo and behold, it was predicted to be a lot nicer than some rides I have been on. So I ride was born.

After many phone calls, it boiled down to Biker Bill, Jen, and me. We met up at Lewis Morris Park and set out from the parking lot above Sunrise Lake on a beautiful 50 degree day. I was pretty excited because I had been doing a lot of work on the trainer. Not nearly enough it seems. I guess there is no thing like the real thing, and I am sure I would have been hurting even more had I not been doing the training.

It started pretty good, with the usual uphill grinds. As it got muddier, it got harder to keep pedaling up. I couldn't quite get the traction. I think it may be yet another downside of my massive girth. Where Bill and Jen were cranking right up, my rear tire was spinning while I proceeded to go no where.

After that we had some good downhill with some switchbacks, a little hair raising, but good just the same (is there really any bad downhill?). I was having problem tracking because I did not have my front wheel. I had a front wheel, just not mine. Last fall, I went on a bike date with a girl with whom I am no longer in contact, and apparently I gave her back the wrong wheel. Good for her, bad for me. I'd like to blame it on her, but it is really all my fault. Anyhow, I did the needful, and made do with what I had (note to self, get new rubber soon).

Then it was back up hill, and this time I wasn't the only sorry soul pushing. The mud was quite deep, and not really ideal for pedaling uphill. I was having problems even pushing, as mud was clogging my brakes and fork. Bill and Jen were blessed with disc brakes, and were not suffering the same misfortunes. We had a nice little break at the top, where we practiced a few log rolls, and then I finished my ride with another screaming down hill. Seriously, I screamed a lot. It was that lousy front wheel again. I only swallowed a modest amount of mud in the process.

I closed it out by heading back to the parking lot, spent after two hours. Bill and Jen were still sufficiently motivated to ride up Heart Attack Hill. I did not wait around. I had a Super Bowl Party to take a nap for.


Liberace said...

After a ride like that, I expect to see you out at trail maintenance!

News said...

In Search Of: John MacKay...

I think I've found your GPS! Please email me at erin.bishop@yahoo.com