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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Joy of Being Dropped

A mountain bike ride seemed like a good way to start of Thanksgiving Day. And so like so many others, I loaded up the bike and headed for the "Earn the Turkey" Mountain Bike Ride. I knew it was an intermediate ride, and I was concerned about being able to keep up. Life had conspired to keep me off the bike for a couple of months, and I was worried about keeping up. And Biker Bill said, "So what. It's Lewis Morris Park, and you know your way around." As usual, Bill was right. I would have ditched a ride for fear of getting dropped, and that is not the way to getting better and stronger.

So out I went to the ride, and I got dropped. I just was not strong enough today. But it was okay. Once I accepted it, I had a nice pleasant ride through the woods. And I was able to take a shortcut back and position myself to get some good rider photos as they exited the woods. Any fear I had of ridicule that I had for getting dropped was soon dispelled. As it turns out, everyone respects you for coming out and making a good try of it. And had I stayed home I would have missed a good ride and good post ride camaraderie.

I do not think I will fear getting dropped again, as long as I am familiar with the area. I know that I can expect if I get in on a ride that is over my head, but that is the start of getting better.

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