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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Guru wows me!

Hi Everyone,

I just rode my new Guru Geneo for the first time a few days ago. I was extremely pleased with the ride, and am happy to report that it is the most beautiful and best riding bike that I have ever owned. I find myself thinking about it a lot while I'm at work, and sometimes I go to the service shop of Marty's just to peak at it. Don't tell Marty.

It's really nice to have a bike that makes your blood run hot and helps to motive you to get out there and ride when its 10 below zero. OK, I'll never ride in weather that cold, but you get the idea.

What I like about the Geneo, is that it is not only really light, like every other bike in that category, but it is extremely stiff in the bottom bracket area, and rides like I was sitting on a cloud. I really feel a big difference in the power transfer from my 2007 s-works Roubaix, to the Guru. Don't get me wrong, I really loved that Specialized, and I thought that it was an incredible riding bike. I especially liked the smooth ride and upright position of the Roubaix, but the Guru is everything that the Roubaix was and more.

The paint is custom Team Marty's blue and white, which makes it even more amazing looking, not to mention the really cool way that Guru shapes the tubes of the bike to give it a unique look. The ride of the bike was really second to none, which amazes me because, I was so happy with everything that the Specialized has to offer.

The fact that every bike that Guru makes is a custom machine designed for the individual rider makes all the difference in the world. You cannot appreciate a custom bike until you have ridden one that has been designed for you and only you. This has been a huge transformation for me. There is a noticeable difference between this bike and every other stock bike that I have ever ridden, and to be honest, I didn't always believe that there would be. I'll be posting more about my Guru soon, so tune in.

Happy New Year,