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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Triathlon News

Hi Everyone,

Now that 2008 is upon us it is time to start thinking about the upcoming triathlon season. If you are like me and think the best warm-up for a 30 mile road race is swimming one mile next to hundreds of others competitors read on.

The masters swimming at Drew University started on 1/14. It runs for 15 weeks and costs $225. These workouts are coached by Dorsi, the head swimming coach at Drew. The sessions are:
Mon: 6:00-7:15 AM, 9:15-10:30AM
Tues: 7:45-9:00 PM
Weds: 6:00-7:15 AM, 9:15-10:30AM
Thurs: 7:45-9:00 PM
Fri: 6:00-7:15 AM, 9:15-10:30AM
Sat: 7:00-9:00AM

Although most races are months away it is time to start registering as many of the better races close out early. Here is a list of race dates that myself or other members of the Marty's Triathlon team will be competing in:

4/27 Bassman Tri and Du athlon - Bass River State Forest
6/1 Black Bear Half and Sprint - Beltzville State Park, PA
6/14 Wyckoff Sprint
6/21 Philadelphia Sprint and Olympic
7/13 Randolph Sprint
7/20 Ironman Lake Placid
7/27 New Jersey Sprint and Olympic
8/3 Cayuga Lake Triathlon (Sprint National Championships)
8/17 Timberman Half and Sprint - Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
9/7 Patanella's Buckman Sprint and Olympic, Round Valley Reservoir
10/4 Bassman Half and Sprint - Bass River State Forest

If you have never attempted a triathlon but want this to be the year you tri, (sorry for the bad pun) there are many local short races to consider. The Randolph Triathlon is held right behind Marty's in Randolph and is a sprint distance race. If you want information about training for this race, send me an e-mail jtiman@comcast.net and I can help get you started. The Friday night rides on the Randolph course will start up again this spring.
If you want to do one part of the triathlon as part of a team let me know and I can help find others who are looking for teammates.

There is also a going to be a triathlon seminar at Starting Line Sports in Madison for novice to intermediate triathletes. The seminar is on Sunday 2/24 at 9:00. You can register through

As it gets warmer I would like to organize weekly open water swim sessions along with some track running work-outs. I am also planning to go up to Lake Placid for a weekend to train on the Ironman course with anyone who is interested.

That's it for now but I will keep you posted on any other multisport happenings in our area.

For now stay warm, be one with your indoor trainer, (remember it is our friend) and before you know it the season will be under way.


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